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Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Plans

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Purchase your medical insurance policy online at HealthCare Insurance, and explore the alluring world of medical insurance in India by protecting your health, taking advantage of tax breaks, a network of more than 10,000 + cashless hospitals, co-payment assistance, no claim bonuses, and financial security.

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our feature-rich, top-selling full health insurance package.

Starts       10,431         |       1,000,000

From      For 1 Year     |   Sum Insured

Up To 30 %  Discount on Renewals

Unlimited reinstatement of the sum Insured.

Double your sum insured in 2 years


A clever feature-rich plan that provides all the necessary health coverage

Starts      Rs:  5,234    |    Rs.300,000

From         For 1 Year   |    Sum Insured

Cover Up to 1 Cr.

Annual Health Check-up

No room rent cap

No Claim Bonus


an inexpensive bundle that provides 1cr+ in advance health coverage.

Starts      Rs. 17,234    |    Rs.750,000

From         For 1 Year   |    Sum Insured

Day Care Treatment

Pre & Post Hospitalisation

International Coverage

Refill Benifits


A modern health insurance plan that you can depend on every day!

Starts         Rs. 13,352  |   Rs. 500,000

From         For 1 Year   |    Sum Insured

No Room Rent Sub-Limit

Early Age Advantages

OPD and Diagnostics Center

Daily Health Coach


our best-selling plan for affluent individuals.

Starts      Rs. 12,234    |    Rs.500,000

From         For 1 Year   |    Sum Insured

Coverage up to Rs.3Cr

Maternity & new born cover

International coverage

In-built travel Insurance 


An insurance programme tailored for senior citizens

Starts      Rs. 13,453    |    Rs.500,000

From         For 1 Year   |    Sum Insured

Day Care Treatment

ReAssure Benifits

No Claim Bonus

No Mandatory Pre Issuence Medical Test

Purchase a health insurance policy now.

Considerations to make before purchasing a health insurance policy in India

Examining the wide range of available health insurance options is necessary to select the appropriate policy. The following are important things to remember:

Adequate Coverage: Verify that the policy you select offers enough protection for your family members in addition to for you.
Personal Plans Are Important: Even though group health insurance offered by employers is frequently offered, it is helpful to assess individual plans and their terms in order to make an informed choice.
Seek Extra Compensation: To compensate for unpayable losses, include extra coverage in the form of hospital cash and critical sickness benefits.
Revise the Current Situation: To guarantee smooth coverage, keep your health insurer informed about any current medical issues.

Recognize Terms and Conditions: Become acquainted with the specifics of your health insurance policy, such as waiting periods, deductibles, cumulative rewards, and pre-existing illness clauses.
get a large amount of Coverage: Considering the escalating expense of healthcare, it is prudent to get an insurance policy with a large amount of coverage.
Prompt Renewal: Renewing your medical insurance plan as soon as possible will help you avoid coverage gaps and keep its benefits.
First Purchase Benefit: Get health insurance as soon as possible to benefit from more comprehensive coverage at reasonable prices.

You may select the greatest health insurance plan for your needs by remembering these things.

Aspects You Should Understand

The following characteristics guarantee that health insurance plans cover all medical needs, even when waiting periods, co-payments, and extra riders are taken into account.

All-Inclusive Hospitalisation Coverage: This plan pays for hospital stays and in-patient treatment.
Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Coverage: Up to a predetermined number of days' worth of expenses are covered before and after being admitted to the hospital. Hospital room rent and intensive care unit (ICU) costs are covered, with or without sublimits. Coverage for medical care received at home in the event that hospital beds are not available.
Day Care Treatment: Coverage for ENT, dental, and other designated procedures, as well as outpatient department treatments.
Cashless Health Checks and Diagnostic Testing: The ease with which cashless transactions may be made for both diagnostic testing and health checks.
Emergency Ambulance Coverage: Protection against the cost of an emergency ambulance.

Treatment for Organ Donors: Inpatient care pertaining to organ procurement for donors of organs.
Permanent Exclusions: A predetermined list of illnesses and ailments that the policy does not cover.
Waiting Times: There are different waiting times for different treatments. For example, some therapies have a 30-day waiting period, while accident treatments usually have none. There could be a two to six-year waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

Co-payment and Deductibles: To reduce the cost of premiums, insurers provide choices for co-payment percentages and deductible amounts. Nevertheless, when filing a claim, the deductible or co-payment must be paid in cash.

Extra Riders: At an additional price, additional riders can be added for specific medical needs such as critical sickness coverage and hospital cash.

Schemes for Particular Needs

Health insurance products from HealthCare Insurance provides relieve the financial burden of an accident or serious sickness.


safeguard you against unplanned medical costs

Starts      Rs:  6,444    |    Rs.4,500,000

From         For 1 Year   |    Sum Insured

Parmanent total disabilty

Parmanent partial disability

Child Educational Benefit

Accidental Death


safeguards you from 20 serious illnesses

Starts   Rs:  12,521   |    Rs.4,500,000

From         For 1 Year   |    Sum Insured

20 Critical illness cover

30 Min Cashless Claim Processing

No room rent cap

No Claim Bonus


An insurance plan designed to protect you and your family from COVID-19 costs

Starts      Rs:  652        |    Rs.500,000

From         For 1 Year   |    Sum Insured

Cover Up to 1 Cr.

Annual Health Check-up

No room rent cap

No Claim Bonus

Discover comprehensive healthcare insurance options tailored to your needs. Our platform provides valuable insights, resources, and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your health coverage. Explore a range of plans and find the perfect fit for you and your family."

Navigating Your Healthcare Options

Critical Illness Cover In today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape, it's crucial to understand the array of insurance options available. From free health insurance to critical illness coverage, there's a plan for every individual's unique needs. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the various facets of healthcare insurance, providing insights into affordable options, specialized coverage, and more. Let's dive in!


Free Health Insurance: A Valuable Resource Free health insurance programs play a crucial role in ensuring access to basic healthcare services for eligible individuals. These initiatives are typically government-funded and aim to bridge gaps in coverage, particularly for low-income populations. Understanding the eligibility criteria and application process is key to accessing this invaluable resource.

Affordable Health Insurance: Balancing Costs and Coverage Affordability is a top concern for many when it comes to health insurance. Navigating the landscape of affordable options requires a careful assessment of premiums, deductibles, and coverage limits. We'll provide tips and strategies to find a plan that offers financial peace of mind and comprehensive coverage.

Critical Illness Cover: Protection Beyond the Basics While standard health insurance covers a range of medical expenses, critical illness cover provides an extra layer of protection. This specialized insurance kicks in when you're diagnosed with a severe illness, providing financial support during a challenging time. Learn about the key considerations and benefits of adding critical illness cover to your insurance portfolio.

United Healthcare Insurance: A Trusted Partner in Health United Healthcare stands as a prominent player in the insurance industry, known for its diverse range of plans and network of healthcare providers. We'll delve into the offerings of United Healthcare, helping you understand the options available and how they align with your specific healthcare needs.


Individual Health Insurance: Tailored to You Individual health insurance plans cater to those who aren't covered by employer-sponsored policies. These plans offer flexibility in choosing coverage options that align with your unique health requirements. Discover the advantages of individual health insurance and how it can provide personalized care.

Cheap Medical Insurance: Maximizing Value Affordability doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality. Cheap medical insurance options abound, and we'll guide you in finding plans that strike the right balance between cost and coverage. Learn practical tips to maximize the value of your medical insurance.

Health Premium: Understanding the Costs The health premium is a critical aspect of any insurance plan. It's important to comprehend how this cost contributes to your overall coverage. We'll break down the components of a health premium and offer insights into managing this essential aspect of your insurance.


Free Medical Coverage: Exploring Your Options Free medical coverage programs are designed to provide essential healthcare services without the burden of out-of-pocket expenses. Discover the eligibility criteria and benefits of these programs, ensuring you make the most of this valuable resource.

 Cancer Protection Plan: Comprehensive Support A cancer protection plan offers specialized coverage for the unique challenges posed by this formidable disease. We'll explore the features of cancer protection plans, helping you make an informed decision to safeguard your health and financial well-being.

Community Health Plan: Fostering Well-being Together Community health plans are tailored to specific groups or populations, often with a focus on preventive care and wellness initiatives. Learn about the benefits of being part of a community health plan and how it contributes to overall well-being.

Accident and Critical Illness Insurance: Double Protection Accidents and critical illnesses can have a profound impact on both your health and finances. This combined insurance provides comprehensive coverage in times of crisis. We'll outline the advantages and considerations of this dual protection plan.


Navigating the world of healthcare insurance can be a complex but essential task. Whether you're seeking free health insurance, exploring affordable options, or considering specialized coverage, understanding the nuances of each plan empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and financial well-being. Remember, the right insurance plan is an investment in your future.

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